About Greg

About Greg Walker

I have been faceting for several years around the Central Queensland Gemfields and have been cutting with a Dolby Mark IV faceting machine ever since, although this has now been upgraded. The natural progression from fossicking, to fossicking and cutting, to ultimately, just cutting came about by virtue of age and more recently as a result of a motorbike accident.

I have just purchased my new faceting machine, a VJ Faceting Machine. These are made by Sapphire Engineering here in Central QLD at Sapphire on the Central Queensland Gemfields, Australia. I feel these are probably the most accurate faceting machine made anywhere in the world. The result of this accuracy is evident in the finished gemstone with all meetpoints and angles being perfect. I avoid native style stepcuts, as this is purely done to increase the weight of the stone at the expense of brightness, a very, very poor trade off

Virtually all gemstones on this site are cut by myself along with some others which have been cut by a fellow facetor friend who has been faceting for approximately 35 years.

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