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Do not hesitate ask a question or make a reasonable offer. Some I have a margin for offers, for some I don't. If you couldn't be bothered with the paperwork, my contact details are greg@gregwalkergems.com

You can buy sapphires, buy Australian sapphires, buy sapphires from all over the world from me here.

My recent feedback is at the top of sapphires sold, this has been only just instigated.

With the advent of this Australian Sapphires and Gemstones Online site I am attempting to make gemstones, mainly Australian Sapphire & Sapphires from all over the world, available for sale online and an affordable investment for the general public. I will endeavour to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible. Obviously, larger stones of IF clarity still demand a premium in their pricing structure, but in saying that, they still should be more than competitive with other sellers & their sites.

Virtually all Sapphires for sale online listed on Greg Walker Fine Gemstones are cut by myself along with some others which have been cut by a fellow facetor friend from the Central Queensland Gemfields

By purchasing direct from the facetor, you are buying from a person experienced in gemstones & the buyer has eliminated the reseller and his exorbitant percentage mark-up. As a buyer this can save a lot of hard earned money & I will be listing several absolute bargains, and these will be on a continuing basis. I ask you to peruse this site & you may be surprised at what you could find. You can buy sapphires here from all over the world.

I live in coastal community in a Central Queensland, Australia. All Australian Sapphires and gemstones for sale on this site will be described to the best of my ability & total disclosure of any treatment is paramount in the selling of these stones, one thing that is not common when buying from some of our Asian neighbours.

You are now invited to work your way through the online site and view our listed Australian Sapphires and Australian Gemstones .... please enjoy.

Cheers & Regards
Greg Walker